Past life memories underlie every person's makeup. It doesn't matter if a person believes in reincarnation for past life regression to be effective.  It works, regardless of belief.  "A past life memory is not an end in itself but a means to the emotional catharsis, self-understanding, and healing that are the true goals."

 The source of the problem can echo back through multiple past lives, each life adding another layer of complexity to the problem.  A series of past lives can create a tangled skein of emotional physical and mental problems in the present.  For example, a phobia may be accompanied by a physical symptom; being hanged for speaking out against the authorities could result in a chronic neck pain and a fear of speaking in public.  A phobia of loud noises could have come from being traumatized while fighting in a war. 

Underlying each phobia is usually a specific and corresponding past life trauma, most often a death.  Past life regression can also cure a host of other fears - neurotic fears, such as eating disorders, acute insecurity, depression, poor self-image, and obsession with money.

Some physical complaints can be traced directly to a specific past life injury; hanging or strangling manifests as neck or shoulder aches, disembowelment can result in intestinal problems, dying of smoke or gas shows up as weak lungs or allergies.   Physical symptoms can be caused not only through wounds to the flesh, but by penetrating blows to the psyche as well: headaches can come from intolerable mental choices, sinusitis from a failure to grieve, back troubles from carrying too much guilt.

Ideas and thoughts can transcend death.  The last thought that occupies the mind at the very moment of death can imprint on the soul and dominate the person's thinking in the next life.  This is described as a life script.  These life scripts can shape a person's disposition, expectations, and motivations, coloring all perceptions of how the world works and how people should act.  For example, the life script 'It's not safe to go out in the world" could result from dying in a surprise attack.  "I'm not good enough" could stem from making any kind of immediate fatal error.  Dying as a child in any accident where the parents were nearby could result in the life script "You didn't protect me."

It is not only death traumas that carry over to the present.  The second most common category of trauma (after violent death) is separation and abandonment.  This is a sad theme that runs through all of history; being separated as a child from parents during war; abandoned in the wilderness in time of famine; or separated from loved ones who are sold into slavery.  Being permanently separated from parents or family can so violate a person's psyche that the loss dominates the mind through death, even if the death is many years later.  This trauma can manifest in later lives as insecurity, an inability to trust others, extreme possessiveness, or separation anxiety in a baby.

Difficulties with personal relationships and family struggles can also be deeply rooted in past life scenarios.  The same people weave in and out of our lifetimes, reappearing over and over again to finish business from the past.  We come back to replay the same themes, switching roles and changing gender from life to life.  The relationships range from loving to hateful, and everything in between.  The issues can be among groups of two, three, and any number of people.

Positive relationships, I believe, are the most common.  A former husband can now be a beloved daughter, or a former loyal friend can be your mother.  Generally, if there is a positive relationship in the past, it continues to be good in the present.  It's true that love survives, even though the roles may change.  Falling in love with a soul mate is not just a romantic notion -- it happens.

The past life source of severe problems are often from violent death, or a trauma so heart wrenching that it permanently scarred the psyche.  The more horrible or sudden the death or the more profound the trauma, the more likely it would cling to the soul and scar a future life. 

In a past-life session, you are exploring your inner heights and depths.  When your session has completed, enjoy the experience of a major life epic, another milestone in the soul’s journey through time.  Simply relax and enjoy this inner spiritual adventure.  Assimilate the information and appreciate your accomplishments.   

Each life is rich in learning experiences.  After your exploration session, take the encapsulation of the life and fit it into the tapestry of the soul’s vision. Evaluate each piece, each life that you process until you can perceive the larger picture of the soul’s journey. When you note your skills and talents, and your spiritual gains of each lifetime, you will detect amazing cycles.  As you reach back to perceive the fullness of your past, you gain a basis for making any changes if necessary. The past, present, and future are linked in a symphony of wonderment.

Healing Powers of Past-Life Regression

Past Life Regression

The Moment of Death

Dr. Roger Woolger discovered in his search for the cause of present-life problems, that death is the psychological event that has the most bearing on a person's well being in subsequent lives.  Many problems in the lives of his clients could be traced directly to the imprints from unresolved thoughts and feelings, usually negative ones, surrounding the moment of death.  These thoughts and feelings don't just die with the physical body.  Instead, they coalesce to form a soul memory -- a composite of images, thoughts, and feelings around the highly charged experience.  As Dr. Woolger describes, "The heightened consciousness that occurs at death imprints with exaggerated intensity the dying thoughts, feelings, or sensation on whatever we call the vehicle that transfers our essence from one lifetime to another."

In traumatic deaths especially -- sudden or horrible deaths -- we have no way to come to terms with our lives or our death; nor do we have time to make amends to people, say good bye to loved ones, or finish up our business on Earth.  We are not at peace.  We die incomplete.  If we are preoccupied at the moment of death by negative emotions - hate, fear, guilt, blame, resentment, anger -- they somehow intensify all other sensations, including the body sensations of the death and the messages flashing through the mind.  It is these emotions that glue all the other impressions to the soul and bind them to travel intact to the next life.

Through regression and the healing intelligence of the unconscious mind, we have the opportunity to go back to the moment of death and reverse its effects.  Exactly how this works remains a mystery, but thousands of successful past life regressions offer evidence that it does.

 The session is wrapped up by discussing what just happened with the client.  They review the past life story, then draw parallels with the present life.  The client is shown ways to integrate these new insights into day-to-day life, and how to use the knowledge to change old patterns.  The hypnotist may suggest that the client use daily affirmations such as "I am now safe," “I am worthy of love." or " I can trust other people" to reinforce the new understanding.

The length of a past-life regression session is generally 1½ to 2 hours, especially the first session.  The session length is different for each person and is determined by how easily you allow the information to flow and on how many lifetimes come forth.

When we meet for a session, if you have specific questions you’d like to find the answers to, please have your questions ready before you arrive for your session.  Your questions will help me serve you better.

The cost of a past-life regression session is $125.00.   Payment is required at the time of service.  If paying by credit card or PayPal, payment must be submitted before the appointment using the payment method below.

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Private Sessions

When you begin to relate what you perceive, what you visualize, what you feel, hear or sense, you'll be guided to process your deepest memories and, following the recall, I'll help you understand and appreciate the treasure of the memories given to you from your unconscious mind.  Trust your unconscious mind to provide the memories that you need.  Memory is a sensitive and delicate flower; it opens only in a place of trust and respect.

Usually, we focus on the positive experiences. You can learn as much through your accomplishments as you can from your mistakes.  We have many of both.  When you focus on your strengths, you can become even stronger in those particular areas.  The work of past-life exploration involves the appreciation of the benefits and the accomplishments of the past, as well as the healing of life's low points.

You'll be asked questions that will require you to go to the most relevant experiences within the lifetime that you have recalled. You'll be asked to relate your information aloud, clearly, and to speak English, the language of the present time.  After you have processed the significant events of that life, you could be guided to the death experience at the end of that lifetime, depending on the purpose of the past life regression. If guided to the death experience, you'll be reminded to detach from any physical discomfort and instructed to relate the events objectively just as in telling any story.

After talking about the death experience, you’ll be guided to a timeless place where you will have full understanding of that life and its lessons.  From your higher perspective of wisdom and compassion, you'll be asked a few questions to guide you toward processing the meaning of that life, what the soul learned, and how the soul gained. You will be able to respond simply and easily.  Remember, when talking from the unconscious, you speak before you think.  Allow the information to flow. The answer to soul questions tend to come naturally and honestly.  The time for conscious thinking is afterwards, you will analyze the information once you are out of trance. 

Near the end of the inner work, it'll be suggested that you bring back the most relevant and the most valuable information from that lifetime.  Usually, it's suggested that you bring back with you only that which is helpful and beneficial for the current life.  Other impressions you may choose to leave behind.  Of course, you may choose to bring back everything.  It will be easy for you to bring back information that is related to your learning and growing , ideas that you can apply now in your current life for your spiritual growth and development or that information that will give you answers to problems that until now have been beyond your reach.

Later, in the days afterward, it is possible that you will receive further flashes of insight or dreams related to the past-life.  Document that information in a journal along with any new insights about that lifetime. The door to your unconscious mind remains ajar for awhile after your session and a new inspiration could come at any time. By logging these insights, you will increase the learning gained in your session.  Through the act of writing, you will get more revelations, insights, and understandings.In addition to the journal entries, you could highlight the basic issues and learning of your past lives.

Have You Ever Wanted To Open To New Spiritual Dimensions?

Remembering Who You Are - "A Spiritual Regression"

Have you ever experienced a past-life regression?

If not, I'd like to explain what a past-life regression session is all about.  As you begin the session, I'll ask you to relate a few events from  your current life.  It will be easy for you to do.  You do it almost every day when you tell somebody about something that happened to you sometime ago, a day, a week, a year, or many years, reminiscing from very early adulthood.  After relating a story or two, you will continue to move easily, sequentially, from those life memories and go back through birth.  Then you'll be able to go back through to where you were before birth and to a previous lifetime on earth.  We use the word "back" because it is meaningful in our earthly concept of time relationships.

Everything that has happened to you is stored in your memory. There are different ways in which people store experiences. Although those ways of recording and recalling are unique, to some extent, to each individual, there are some basic categories of how people process information.

About seventy percent of all people record, store, and recall information visually. They see it in their mind's eye.  Even though their eyes are closed, they can visualize memories.  They are called visual learners; their primary method is visual.

Other people can recall by hearing inner promptings. Usually, they do not visualize events.  Perhaps you have heard somebody say, "I can hear him/her now..."  They are called auditory learners.  They process memories by hearing inner voices and then they relay the information.

Another major group of people tend to be more feeling-oriented; their primary method of storing experiences is called kinesthetic.  They feel or sense or get impressions of what happened. They put those impressions into words. Other people recall a taste or an aroma and then they proceed from there.

Some people have a primary and a secondary method of storing experiences.  Primarily, they could be visual, but could have auditory or kinesthetic learning skills to complement the storing and the recalling of experiences. Any of the five senses can be used to trigger a memory.  It seems, though, that each person has a preferred sense modality to use for the recall of events.

It happens, sometimes, that a person will have a certain primary modality in the current life and will have had a different one in the life being processed.  For that reason, it is encouraged to be open to the various methods in which memory is stored.  It might seem unusual when information is coming to you in a completely different mode from your usual way of recalling events.   You'll be reminded to let the story tell itself.  That suggestion will help you relate your information easily.

At first, the past-life memory might seem unreal.  It might seem to you as if you are making it up as you go along just to produce something.  Later, however, just as many others have said, you'll say,  "If I wanted to make up a plausible story, that one wouldn't be it!"  

Soon, you'll put your judgment aside and you'll get involved in the events.  The story will tell itself.  Words will seem to flow from your mouth and you.  A part of you will be amazed at your ability to recall events from the deep past.  When you open yourself to the flow of information and emotion, there will be a steady increase.

In the first session, some people do not become immersed into the past life; the experience is that of recall.  They are aware of both processing a previous life and of being in the office guided by inner promptings.  It is possible, however, either in the first session or in a subsequent session for you to become immersed in another lifetime and to report events exactly as you experienced them at the time.

Analysis is done by the conscious mind; the past-life recall is done by the unconscious mind.   Attempts at analysis could delay or could stop the flow of information.  If you switch to the analytical part of your brain, then it is possible for you to lose the depth that you have achieved and you might have to start trance work all over again.  Simply remember: Experience first; analyze later.

This inner adventure can bring a fuller understanding of your higher self; the You that encompasses numerous lives and countless experiences.  As the adventure progresses — there is a quickening and a feeling of excitement each time we take the sacred journey, deep within, to our stored memories.  

This is not a journey over distance or time, but a jour­ney through the dimensions of your being. 

Regressions are the true “roots” of  your deeper self. Progressions are the fruits of your tomorrows —even though those fruits are still buds. Progressions are the history of your future. They are your road to spiritual recovery:  A Healing Journey.

During the guided exercise a safe, spiritual environment is created for maximum accomplishment. You'll be taken on an extraordinary journey of discovery and enlightenment. It begins with a review of short-term present life events, and then proceeds to explore long-term, past-life memories.

The past and present are assimilated through a dialogue for appli­cation and betterment.  You will then be guided safely to preview the future of your present life. Future insights or prophecies are probabilities or possibilities, based upon your current ideals and directions. Future potentials can always be changed by your actions, decisions, and free will.

You also can choose to envision the events and circumstances that lead to your death, and even rise above the death experience itself.  From this unique perspective, you honestly and wisely can evaluate the gains and losses of this lifetime.

Objectively studying your death experiences  allays any fear of death and teaches  the        "continuity of life.” Self hypnosis, used spiritually, is one of the safest approaches to soul exploration — past, present, and future. This is an enriching adventure of self-discovery and spiritual purpose.

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